Industrial / Commercial Services


Process Automation / Control
We have Years of experience in process Automation
& Controls. From Pressure, Temperature Transmitter, Micromotion Flow Meter/Transmitters Installation, Valve Automation to the Installation of Complete DCS & PLC Systems and Safety Instrumented Systems.

Ground Testing

We provide FOP Ground testing to ensure adequate
Grounding & Bonding is provided to reduce the risk factors of unintended static Discharge and to ensure the Step Touch Voltages are maintained at levels in line with OSHA regulations.
Cad Welding
We can provide you with the skilled manpower and
all tools necessary to exothermically welded ground wires to ground wires,ground wires to Vertical Steel, Horizontal Steel, Ground Rods, Pipes and Rail Tracks.
Electrical Audits
Visual Code Compliance Audit: We will come into you facility and do a visual inspection and provide you with a report of the visible issues that our Skilled Auditors notice. This will included Labeling of Equipment & Disconnecting Means down to Clear space around Electrical Equipment.

Physical Code Compliance Audit: We will come into your facility and Audit installations for Code compliance, Areas include Conductor Derating, Motor Overload Settings and Breakers Settings. This is helpful prior to Startup of a newly installed project that was done without engineering supervision to catch issues that may cause Downtime in the future.

Energy Audit: We will catalog equipment that can be managed to provide energy savings, Pumps, Lighting, Fans/Blowers. There are systems that people don’t even think about that are costing money day in and day out.

Call today and see if there are any ways we can help you Maintain or Manage your Electrical System.  

Residential / Commercial Services

Panel Labeling

We will trace circuits and label circuit breakers with the Area/Load and label devices with the Panel and Circuit number.

New Circuit Installation

We will install new circuits for newly installed equipment;
all circuits will be installed per the National Electric Code.


Panel Upgrades / Change out

If you have a old Fuse box or a *Federal Pacific Panel Call
us today and Upgrade or change out the old equipment with new state of the art circuit breakers.

* Federal Pacific Panels are unsafe equipment and should be replaced.


Trouble Shooting Electrical Problems

Do you have Flickering Lights when the Washing machine changes cycles or when the AC Kicks on or someone turns on a Hair Dryer?

This is a potentially hazardous issue; flickering lights are most commonly caused by a loose connection that causes
heat to build up and potentially cause a fire or burn a wire off its terminal completely. If you have Flickering lights call us TODAY this may be a Matter of Life or Death.